Places To Visit For Fall Break 2022


Kaya Campbell, Writer

Here are some exciting locations worldwide to visit for this upcoming fall break of 2022! Have fun and be adventurous!

Kauai, Hawaii: If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful place to visit, Kauai would be a great option. During the year, the climate is warm year-round, allowing you to adventure and see breathtaking views. Kauai has many hiking trails with hidden spots full of beauty. Its clear and glossy ocean attracts many tourists and their families.

Grand Canyon, Arizona: Its unique layers of rock stacked one after another are hundreds of thousands of years old. It contains many secrets and hidden spots within the wavy rocks. Fall is the perfect time to visit this extraordinary landmark. Its temperatures are milder and its crowds of tourists are reduced. Make sure not to miss out on its distinctive hikes and beautiful skies.

Victoria and Vancouver Island, Canada: During the fall its temperatures are cool with partly cloudy skies. There is excellent architecture and gorgeous scenery. On these islands, there are many fun shops and restaurants to explore. Victoria is the 7th most populated city in Canada, with its variety of ethnicities. Victoria is also known for having the oldest Chinatown in Canada. Vancouver is known to be the 10th cleanest city in the world and Canada’s longest pool. 

Rocky Mountains, Colorado: If you don’t feel like traveling to another state you can always visit the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is ranked the #1 most visited attraction. Make sure to see the beautiful warm colors of the fall leaves, before they fall down.

These places are all located in America allowing you to have lower transportation prices if you live in the U.S. All these locations have their own unique natural features, so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to observe, search, and cherish them.