Costa Rica


Cal Redman, Author

Costa Rica is a super fun place to visit. The people there are really nice. Costa Rica has a lot of stray dogs, they are friendly though. There are what you might think stray dogs that have collars but people own them all. Over one million dogs roam Costa Rica, and most of them have disabilities.

Costa Rica has a lot of wildlife like Toucans, Macaws, turtles, and many more. When I went to Costa Rica, we went to many beaches. We also went on a boat trip. I caught two ma-hi ma-hi and my brother caught a swordfish. We stayed in San Jose, a small place in Costa Rica. We also went on a hiking trip in the jungle. We went to the beach and saw monkeys. They were so close we could high-five the monkeys.

We also stayed in a nice house with a pool in the back yard it was up on a mountain so we could see a lot of cool houses and the rain forest. We ate breakfast at a little soda in the town. After we saw a dog and we named it Bandit. There were other dogs we met and one swam in the ocean with us! We had the best time ever and it is a great place to visit with family.