Murray Kline, Writer

The Hanukkah origin started in 167 BCE, when the Maccabees led a band of Jews in a successful fight against the occupying Syrian-Greeks, who had destroyed the Second Temple’s eternal light. But then a Miracle happened, one day’s supply of oil lasted eight days, until more oil could be found. The Hanukkah menorah is lit for eight nights to celebrate that miracle. Even though the way people celebrate it can vary, most children play dreidel and people eat foods fried in oil such as latkes and challah bread.

Latkes or potato pancakes as some people call them are made by potatoes, onions and a binder, challah bread is a almost ropey looking bread usually made with yeast, sugar,oil, eggs, salt, flour and poppy or sesame seeds  This year chanukah will be celebrated from the 18th to the 26th.

Jewish people are big into jelly donuts and will also use them while celebrating.

If you are looking for celebrating and aren’t Jewish then here’s what you should do:

Learn how to play dreidel. This game is fun, gets you loads of chocolate and doesn’t require skill.

Cook up some delicious food to share with your friends and family, the more original the better.

Have fun, celebrate their way or just enjoy lighting the menorah, either way you will learn something new!