Crumble Cookies

Crumble Cookies

Harlowe Lutz, Author

Have you ever had a crumbled cookie? If you haven’t you are missing out. If you haven’t and you think that you won’t like it, you will love Crumble by the time you finish this article. I have 3 reasons why crumble cookies are the ones to love! 1 is that they have a rotating menu and that if you don’t like a cookie you can wait for more the next week. 2. Is that the cookies are enormous and you will not be able to finish one because of the rich and delish flavor so you might think they are expensive but because of the size you will get your money’s worth. 3. The way you are treated will make you want to come back to the employee crew is amazing no matter which one you go to. So without further ado here we go. 


1. Rotating menu                                                                                                                                                                       Something you should know is that crumble cookie has a rotating menu but there are 2 permanent cookies on the menu the cooled sugar cookie and the milk chocolate cookie. But they are bizarre flavors like pink velvet cake, blue raspberry slushy, limeade, and pina colada with so many more. And every time you take a bit you just want another bite and it will make you come back


 2.  Huge cookie

If you are like me you would want to get your money’s worth and not leave thinking you spent too much they are expensive but they are huge like the size of my hand and with their rich and delish flavor you will feel like you are getting what you paid for no matter how many cookies you got. Another thing with the cookies is their signature boxes the pink box with the crumble sign.


3. Their employees

Every time you go to Crumble you will have a wonderful experience with the whole crew there and it will make you want to come back and have a wonderful time it will just add to the incredible cookie. Also, their app makes it easy to get cookies and you even have the option to get them delivered right to your car.

These are all the reasons why you should go or keep going to the one and only crumble cookie with the rotating menu, the huge cookies, and the nice employees. hope this will make you want to go to crumble so go get cookies!!!!!!!