What Happened To Kyrie Irving?

What Happened To Kyrie Irving?

Sutton Petersen, author

One of basketball’s biggest stars was kicked out this week after tweeting a link to an antisemitic film. Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving refused to say he had no idea of it. He declined to apologize until days later after his team suspended him without pay. Some have hated the Nets for taking nearly a week to act. Former teammate Charles Barkley said the league dropped the ball. And yet in recent years, the NBA has made social justice a big part of its brand.


Teammates of Kyries opinions on this

Blackistone: “Sure. Kyrie Irving, who’s one of the most exciting players in the league but has always surrounded himself with some sort of drama, really surrounded himself with drama this time that got him in real trouble. He posted to his social media followers – and that’s about 20, 21 million people – a link to a film that is considered antisemitic. And when he was called out on it, he was not contrite. And eventually, the Brooklyn Nets decided to suspend him from the team for five games. And the latest thing that they’ve asked him to do if he wants to return to the court is to take some remedial steps, which includes meeting with some Jewish leaders and with the team before he can return to play”.


FLORIDO: You know, Kevin, this isn’t the first time issues of hate speech have come up within the NBA. In fact, the majority owner of the Phoenix Suns was recently suspended and fined $10 million after years of inappropriate conduct, including the use of racist slurs. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver apologized for allowing that behavior to go on for years. But the NBA has also made social justice a part of its brand for a long time now. And I wonder if you think there’s sort of a disconnect here.