Four Of The Most Dangerous Toys In History

Four Of The Most Dangerous Toys In History

Jack Myers, Author

Toys are meant to be a source of joy and fun, but some toys go wrong and can result in multiple injuries. People are prone to making mistakes, and any toy can be dangerous if used incorrectly, and that goes for most things. These are not examples of that. These toys are fundamentally flawed in that, if you use them as intended, they are dangerous. So here are 5 of the most dangerous toys ever.



  1. Lawn darts

Ah yes, the most infamous dangerous toy. Some thought it was a good idea for kids to throw sharp darts from thirty feet away at high velocity toward other children. It was supposed to be a fun game for sunny days, but the problem was they were for kids. These kids didn’t know how to aim well, and in the wind, they lost more than a couple of eyes.


2. Easy Bake Oven

This seemingly harmless idea, a small oven for kids, went wrong. As kids inserted cakes down the chute, they didn’t use the included paddle resulting in many 3rd degree burns. The company gave families grates to prevent stuck fingers, but this worsened! This made news when a young girl got her finger stuck in and had to get an amputation. Luckily, they fixed the failure in later models.  


3. The Gilbert Atomic Lab

This may be the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of. This toy was released in the 1960s when atomic bombs were a source of wonder In the United States. So people decided to capitalize on it. Introducing The Gilbert atomic lab, where your child can play with radioactive chemicals. Yep, It’s that bad. These chemicals shouldn’t be around yet touch these poor kids, and they could get radiation poisoning and a heightened risk of cancer for the rest of their life.


4. Inflatable baby boats

Imagine this you decide to put your baby in a little inflatable boat so they can be in the pool with you, to turn around and see them underwater. That is the nightmare that many parents experienced when they purchased these inflatable terrors. These were later recalled after a lawsuit.




5. Send me to Heaven

This toy was an app; as the name suggests, the user was to throw their phone as high as possible and catch it on the way down. Apple quickly banned this app from all ios devices after reports of concussions and broken phones. If you still want to play it, you can on android devices.


If you are buying a toy, please read reviews. this is one of the only ways to avoid tragedy. Also, please wear eyewear if using toys that use projectiles. Young children should not be left alone with toys for long. Even if it seems safe, like the easy bake oven, they can still get really hurt.