Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Nora Villines, Writer

In my opinion, on a Saturday morning, the best breakfast is Cinnamon Rolls.

This is because after a long week, a treat to wake up to (and wake you up) are cinnamon rolls. These delicious treats are soft, and best served with friends. Cinnamon originated from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and the first roll was made in the 17th century (about 300 years ago). They are most popular in Swedish and the average Swede eats 316 cinnamon rolls a year. Which means they must serve some pretty good cinnamon rolls.





Bread flour

Brown Sugar



FOR THE ICING: powdered sugar and vanilla 

The oven should be 375 degrees. Then mix them

Cinnamon Rolls are not healthy to have everyday, and fortunately they are considered breakfast. Especially for kids and teenagers, sugary bread is very delicious.

Cinnamon rolls can lower blood sugar, and may be beneficial to the growing brain.

Plus, they have enough calories to keep you going ‘till lunch!