Thanksgiving Food Origins

Thanksgiving Food Origins

Lauren Bisping , Author

     Thanksgiving is one of the biggest eating holidays. We gathered together to celebrate many years ago when people of different backgrounds and cultures were able to sit down and be equal over a meal. Of course, many people have different Thanksgiving traditions, but there are shared food classics that almost everyone has at the table the night of Thanksgiving dinner. Why do we eat these? Where did these traditions come from?

     The number one food that is eaten and bought by Americans is obviously turkey! Turkey is a thanksgiving classic, and it originates back to the first Thanksgiving when food was not abundant, but turkeys were. The tradition of eating turkey for Thanksgiving has continued ever since.

     Another popular Thanksgiving food is potatoes, whether they are mashed, slices, or fries, potatoes are almost always found at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Unlike turkey, potatoes were not common at the time of the first Thanksgiving. But as the production of potatoes grew in America they became a more common food and are now found on almost every Thanksgiving table in one form or another. 

     And finally, we have stuffing. Stuffing is a mixture of bread, butter, egg, chicken, and some other ingredients. Stuffing is a common yummy Thanksgiving food. Stuffing is called stuffing because it was stuffed inside of a Turkey simply because you cooked a turkey over a fire and it was more efficient to cook both the turkey and stuffing at once. At the first Thanksgiving, people thought about how turkeys spread their wings like peacocks, and when you cut into turkey they wanted to mirror that effect.

There are many other great Thanksgiving foods like Green Bean Casserole and cranberry sauce. But if you have ever wondered why we eat what we eat on thanksgiving hopefully you have found your answers.