Places to Go for Vacation

Places to Go for Vacation

Lauren Taylor, Author

      A vacation is something that almost everyone would want right now, but if you are indecisive, it could be tough to choose where to go. Here are some ideas to help.

Paris, France

From food to romance, Paris has it all. Paris is very inspirational and has a lot of cultures. The average high temperature in November is about 46 degrees Fahrenheit but the cold weather makes the city even more beautiful. There are many shopping opportunities because of sales that happen in the wintertime so the trip would be less expensive. There are many fun things to do in Paris during the winter even though it is mainly thought of in the warmer times of the year.


This may not be on everyone’s travel list but hear me out, Canada has many beautiful places with wildlife to visit and has some of the cleanest air in the world. Canada is kind of like Colorado but better! There are ski slopes, friendly people, and maple syrup. In the winter there are fun festivals, world-class ski resorts, and beautiful snowy cities to enjoy across this mesmerizing country. From ice hockey to skating on the frozen lakes, there is something for everyone on their winter vacation in Canada. So please, travel to Canada!

Rome, Italy

Rome is a fabulous mix of delicious food, history, culture, and art. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Italy and has an average high in December of 56 degrees. It is even more magical during the winter when prices are lower and the crowds are fewer. Christmas displays, traditions, and winter celebrations are all big events here. Rome comes alive in winter with its famous Nativity scenes, midnight mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica on Christmas Eve, and the New Year extravaganza in Piazza del Popolo.