Valorant Game Review

Valorant Game Review

Ian Hopper, Author

The hit FPS game, “Valorant” is a free to play 5v5 tactical First-person shooter game for PC platforms. Valorant was released on June 2, 2022 and developed by “Riot Games” who are known for creating “League Of Legends”, one of the most famous games to date. Valorant has many features like thousands of weapon skins for the 17 different weapons and one melee (knife/axe/sword). There are also multiple game modes. 

What makes Valorant stand out is the “Agents” which are playable characters with unique abilities. There are 20 agents and each one falls into a group, Controller: These are agents that are good at controlling the map and blocking the other team, Duelist: These agents are good at dealing damage and killing enemy players. Initiator: this group of agents are good at figuring out where enemies are on the map. And the last category is a group called Sentinels which are a mix between the 3 other types.They are good at controlling the whole map at once. For example, there is an agent named Killjoy who is an agent who is able to place a small robot anywhere on the map that automatically shoots at an enemy when it sees one.

The main game mode is called “Unranked” . It is called this because it is a more friendly game mode with non competitive play, following the main basis which is a 5v5 game and first to 13 rounds wins. The way to win a round is to either kill the 5 enemy players or to either place or defuse a bomb-type device depending on which team you are on. And whichever team does this 13 times wins the game.

In Valorant there is a ranking feature where you can play a gamemode called Competitive (comp.) which while playing gives you ranks depending on your skill level in the game. The rankings start at the lowest with Iron 1 followed by Iron 2, Iron 3 then you get to your next rank, Bronze 1 then Bronze 2 and so on, this keeps going through the following ranks, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal, and finally the highest rank, Radiant.

There are other game modes like deathmatch which is a 1 v all and you need to be the first to take out 30 players. There is one called replication which is two teams that are all the same agent rather than 5 different ones on each team and instead of the first team to win 13 rounds it is the first team to win 5 rounds. There are seasonal game modes as well like the mode, “snowball fight” which is where it is the normal game but you can only use a snowball launcher and you move on ice skates which make you considerably faster when moving around. There are some other game modes as well that we won’t get into right now.

The stats are,

    • Gore: 8/10 because of the small blood graphics when you shoot an enemy player although the blood can be turned off
    • Violence: 9/10 because the game is about shooting enemy players
    • Creativity: 3/10 there is not much creativity involved but you can contact player support if you have ideas for a skin that you want in game.
    • Positive role models: 7/10 there is a story line outside of the game and most of the playable characters are heroes and war veterans and the voicelines in the game are mostly positive.
    • Romance: 0/10 no romance or sexual tention can be seen in this game itself
    • Language: 3/10 you can hear an occasional swear from the agents’ voicelines
  • Drugs/drinking/smoking: 0/10 there is no sort of substances in this game

This is a good game for ages 9+ and a very fun game overall, this is a game that gets a solid 8/10 or, ⭐⭐⭐⭐  the reason for not getting 5 stars is because of the age factor because it is not suitable for all ages.