The Killing Headset


Ian Hopper, Author

The creator of Facebook’s “Meta Quest,” is a virtual reality headset. Palmer Luckey has created a VR headset that will kill you in real life if you die in a game. Luckey said he was inspired by the anime, “Sword Art Online” a story about thousands of players that joined a new VR game and those who joined the game, the NerveGear VR headset they are wearing will kill them in real life if they die in the virtual world.

They will also die if someone attempts to remove the headset from their real body. Palmer wants to create that in real life so he has made a Virtual Reality headset that will send dangerous microwave signals to your brain if you get a game over screen. At this time the headset that Luckey created can be removed and it is a normal VR headset where you do have to move your real life body in order to control your virtual self. So in other words this is just a modern VR headset like the Meta Quest but with the factor that it can kill you. But we are currently not to the point where we can fully immerse the players body and mind, but Lucky is currently designing a headset that can’t be removed unless the game is won or the player is logged out although you can still move in real life with this headset as well. Luckey also has a theory that we will have the technology to fully immerse the players body and mind within the next three years because there have been experiments on pigs and scientists have been able to send images to the pigs mind but it has also caused brain damage, but on this track Luckey and other Sword Art Online supporters will come up with ways to create technology that can manipulate our thoughts and sights.