Island of Aruba

Island of Aruba

Murray Kline, Author

Aruba has many wonderful and exciting places to visit, for food, beaches, and national parks.

The first place is called Arikok National Park; they have caves full of bats and ancient indigenous cave paintings. The bats can’t bite and it is really cool to go through the hidden cavern. Arikok even has sand dunes, a small beach, and a natural pool. Even though we didn’t make it to the pool or sand dunes, the beach was very pretty and had shells full of color and beauty. Fun fact, Arikok is ⅓ of the entire island.

The second place to go is two beaches: Mangel Halto and Eagle Beach. Even though there are other beaches, they are farther from the hotels and have a lot fewer people, making it easier to relax and hang out with family. Eagle Beach may not have much fish or coral, but crystal clear waters and pure white sand make it a great beach. There are local people that have shops that give you fun activities to do such as paragliding and jet skiing. Mangel Halto is really great for snorkeling with beautiful fish and colorful coral. This place is rocky and more for advanced swimmers if you go too far out, but if you stay close, it isn’t bad.

The third places to go are for food:  Zeerovers and Eduardo’s. Zeerovers is dutch for pirates because Aruba is a dutch colony. Zeerovers is a really amazing place because it has cool decorations and half of the building is over the sea. It has local fishermen that work there, catching its food. It has a freshly caught daily special, with shrimp, fries, and an assortment of drinks. If you are expecting it to be fancy or the food peeled you would be going to the wrong place, but the food itself is delicious. There is also Eduardo’s, this place has delicious Poke, Acai, and there is always a vegetarian option, in two known areas, by the hotels, and in a local location. Whichever you are closest to, it will be about a 5-minute drive, because it is an island.

The problem is, if you are taking a tour bus or 4 wheeler it will cost a lot of money and you won’t be able to go to some of these places, because it ruins the ground. If you aren’t going on a tour here is what you need to know: You will need to download a map because you won’t get service. Do it before it is too late. If you aren’t completely satisfied, because this doesn’t cover all of Aruba then go to helpful websites that do.