Dogs Sense Fear

Dogs Sense Fear

Haley Graff, Author

New studies from Plos One a science company, produced on May 20th, 2022 prove dogs can sense/smell fear, however, scientists are still working on more information on how they do it. You probably know dogs are used for sniffing out guns, drugs, bombs, and more. This shows their incredible senses and contributes to why dogs can sense fear.

Dog’s noses can smell 1,000 to 10,000 times more than us, humans. Many dog owners can relate to how dogs sometimes sniff your ears. Human Ear wax can tell a lot about that person to a dog. With their extremely powerful noses, dogs can smell the difference between normal and stressed odors. 

Scientists tested this theory by lining up multiple cups of normal sweat and one vile of stressed sweat. A labrador rescue dog helped with the test. The Lab successfully found one irregular vile, proving the theory correct. This explains why sometimes when you are stressed, your dog gets stressed. Whether you have a dog or not it is important to understand dogs care very much about other living creatures. So next time are stressed know your dog may know.

Many believe a dog’s ability to smell fear is one of the things that make them so important to society. Lots of dog’s life work is to help people such as police dogs, fire fighting dogs, search and rescue dogs, and therapy dogs. It makes sense that being able to smell fear would be useful when helping others through tough times. Still, smelling fear can also help a police dog or firefighter dog because when they are trying to sniff out criminals or people in distress, being able to sense a person’s nerves can be a key component. It’s crazy but true! Do you think your dogs can sense fear?