Why all 6th graders should be together

Why all 6th graders should be together

Mae Wall, Author

One thing that students are very confused on is why 6th graders had to be split up and have to have different lunch times.


Fusion and Challenger getting split up is tearing students apart causing them to be a part of their friends when clearly principals of 6th grade told parents that they were gonna try to make sure that students that went to elementary school stick together all through middle school.

There is no reason why 6th grade students have to have different lunches when they are all in the same grade and can also have an opportunity to be with friends and catch up on what happens in classes since students only have a 5 minute passing period which doesn’t give students enough time to go chat with their friends. Especially when classes are all the way down halls. Another reason why this very unnecessary decision is overrated is because it’s pressuring teachers to have to keep teaching when another half of 6th grade teachers and students get to have their break 25 minutes earlier than the other house/half of students.

Students/ teachers don’t know the reason why this is but students think it’s because it’s too much students to handle when Mcaullife has a whole big wide field and a courtyard for students to play at.