The Best “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Character

The Best The Summer I Turned Pretty Character

Ava Alkire, Author

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” is a Prime video drama series based on two families that have basically known each other since birth. It is filmed in North Carolina where one of the families has a beach house and the other family visits every summer for the whole summer. I think the best character is Isabel!

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” is about four teenagers and their summer life and drama. They play games, go to the beach, have parties, and hang out. There is also drama between the parent’s lives and their relationships.

I think Isabel (Belly) is the best character because she is mainly focused on and involved in most things. She is also the youngest of the four teens so she gets to follow along in the rest of their footsteps. Finally, she is very active and likes to have fun.

In the last episode, Belly has a debutant who is pretty much a ball. During this event, a lot of significant events happen, the drama between families, relationships, and more. Also, there was a whole argument about who took Belly to the debutant.

The ending has a huge cliffhanger and leaves off with a major event. The 2nd season comes out over the summer. Overall, the best character is Isabel, because she is the most interesting, has the most going on, and is the main focus.