Emoji Evolution

Lucy Raquel Fowler, Writer

When were the first emojis created? In 1999, NTT DOCOMO, a Japanese cell phone company, released a set of 176 emojis for mobile phones. 

Emojis are used to express and communicate with different emotions and objects/symbols. For example, if you were happy, you could send someone a smiling face emoji. Emoji is originally a Japanese word which means picture and letter. Old emojis when they were first created, were pixelated, and they had a limit to all the little icons, but now they are more modern and colorful. 

Usually, when people text their friends to say hello,  they use waving, smiling, or symbol emojis. They greet their friends with a friendly smile emoji. 

Another old way we have been writing and communicating is hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics is a language that was used by ancient Egyptians. Hieroglyphics were pictures of things that represented objects, basically anything!

Emojis have been around for a while. What’s your favorite emoji, and if you were to invent one what would it be?