Jordan Air

Jordan Air

Lorenzo Martinez, Author

 The 1990s was possibly the greatest decade for the Nike Air Jordan. 

Michael Jordan remains the greatest basketball player to this day. In the 1990s, Michael Jordan was the backbone of the Chicago Bulls, holding the team together, as they took multiple championships. Having been one of the greatest, Nike decided to sponsor Michael Jordan and co-create the Nike Air Jordan. 

Although the Nike Air Jordan was created in 1985, the Jordan 1, later rose to become the most popular basketball shoe in the world. I argue that the Nike Air Jordan V which was created in 1990, took the world by storm. From 1990 to 1997, the Nike Air Jordans were absolutely amazing. To this day in 2022, kids around the country are still trying to obtain these shoes. 

The Nike Air Jordans are amazing for basketball as well as being one of the most popular sports shoes worn with leisure clothes. But why 1990? Well, for sneakerheads, you will know that the Air Jordan 5 changed the shoe game for everyone. With its built-in air bubbles, nice suede lining, mesh siding, Jordan logo lace locks, and anti-ankle-breaking side casing, this shoe was unstoppable. This was the beginning of what I argue to be the next seven years of the best Jordans in the world.