Mystery From Out Of This World


Lorenzo Martinez, Author

The year is 2022, and since the late 1940ś, the world has debated over the existence of UFOs or what we currently call Unidentified Ariel Phenomena (UAPs). This controversial topic is possibly the greatest coverup of all in the existence of mankind. In the year 1947, the world was shocked because of the alien crash in Roswell, NM. More than seventy years later, the world continues to debate whether aliens are real or not

People around the world have experienced UFO sightings across the seven continents of the globe. Former government employees have spoken about working on black projects, and even Bob Lazarś’s truth about Area 51 has been confirmed, yet we still have not been told the truth about aliens or UFOs. 

This is why the most recent NASA announcement is taking the world by storm. NASA has confirmed that they are putting together a team of professional scientists to study Unidentied Ariel Phenomena (UAPs).

I ask you this, why would NASA, a government agency, put together this team of scientists to perform an independent multiyear study on this single topic, if the possibility of aliens does not exist, which they try to convince us?