France Bans the Hijab


Mekkah Marcus

The freedom to wear what you want is taken away from many Muslim women in France. France shuts down the choice to cover your hair and face, due to them thinking it’s a “conspicuous religious symbol”. The hijab is a scarf women use to cover their hair. The hijab isn’t just an Islamic thing, but is worn in a variety of cultures and religions. The ‘niqab’, is a veil women use to cover from their bottom half of their face, leaving only their eyes seen. 

The French senate voted 160-143 in favor of the hijab ban. In France the choice of covering your body is seen as a safety risk. Their plan is to ‘save’ Muslim women from themselves and their headscarves. And that’s France being the European country with the highest population of Muslims, and France also being the first European country to ban the face veil. How Ironic.

If you’re caught in a public place wearing a veil, it’s a 150 euro fine, as well as being arrested by authorities. France seems to think women are liberated and free only if they’re half naked, and appearently to all the Muslim women in the world, that’s just not true.  From Iran forcing the hijab, to France banning it, women around the world are protesting just for freedom to wear whatever they want.