Would You Visit The Stanley Hotel?


Taylor Holthus, Author

Have you ever heard of the Stanley Hotel? The Stanley Hotel is one of the most haunted locations in Colorado to visit and is popular for its paranormal encounters. Many Investigators have visited the Stanley such as the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” and SyFy’s “Ghost Adventures.” There are also many popular sightings and pictures like ‘The girl on the staircase”. The Stanley offers great service but most people staying don’t worry too much about that, more about what they may encounter. One of the famous encounters was when the hotel cameras captured a chilling image; a transparent female walking up the stairs to a landing full of people. Most people didn’t notice anything until the image was released. Lots of people conspire that the place of the image is special. There are multiple mirrors that face each other on the landing which is believed to be a “Portal to the other side”. Many people have heard knocking, talking, and other strange and unexplainable things.

What makes a location or object haunted? Usually a traumatic event such as death. The Stanley Hotel has many horrible events from the past, like murder or suicide which makes some locations more haunted than others. 

“The Shining”, a Stephen King movie was written based on the eeriness of the hotel when he and his family arrived. 

The hotel was built in 1909, where just 2 years later on a stormy night, Elizabeth Wilson was cleaning up when the power went out. The maids used gaslit lamps to finish up their jobs but when she walked into the now famously haunted room 217, the odorless gas in the room connected with the flame of the lamp and immediately caused an explosion that sent Wilson into the dining room below. She luckily survived with few injuries but is now known to haunt the hotel, folding laundry or cleaning up while there is no one in the room, and climbing in bed in between unmarried couples. 

While there were no reported deaths from the explosion, it sent the hotel into an era of paranormal activity. Most of the activity happens on the fourth floor, from running children to giggling, to closets opening on their own.

The Stanley Hotel is open to the public. After the many sitings and the possibility of seeing something yourself, would you visit the Stanley Hotel?