Plastic Found in Chocolate Cookie Dough


Benny A Gonzalez, Author

     The famous brand Nestle Toll House cookie dough customers started to find plastic inside of the cookie dough from June 2022 to September 2022 in the U.S. and Puerto Rico this could have happened to a mechanical problem by putting plastic in the cookie mix when the cookies are getting packed. No one got badly hurt or injured from this, but no other products were recalled from the factory for something like this, only this product in this year. This means that when the cookie dough was getting made it must have not been in line like the others or it could have been an employee putting it inside of the cookies. No matter how it happen people could have gotten very hurt. 

     The last time this happened was three years ago in 2019 from rubber pieces in 20 of their products had to be recalled. Everybody that had plastic inside of their cookie dough could return it or have a replacement for the one they bought that had plastic in it. On the other hand, they could have gotten sued by a family losing a member by choking on plastic in the cookie dough, and the owner was not taking a better eye on what is going on in the factory and what his employees are doing. Things could have been terrible for Nestle. Their company would not be able to get the money they needed to make a profit and would not have money to pay for the workers and they will go bankrupt and we would not see the brand anymore.