You Should Stop Vandalizing

You Should Stop Vandalizing

Jada Davidson, Author

Students vandalize school bathrooms and make more work for the janitors and make a mess in the bathroom. This school has too many things going on. 

The school is very old and cranky and the teachers and janitor don’t get paid that much.  For the work the do and the money they make is lesser than all the cleaning they have to do to make sure this school is nice and clean and fresh.

So if you are one of these students don’t make the janitors do more work. Just stop making others do hard work for you and you not doing hard work for them.  So make sure you stop writing on the walls.

And it is important to stop vandalizing because others might copy what you are doing and that a bad report on the school.

Vandalism will be a lot of work for people that have to clean. In the sixth grade a lot of girls will mess up the  bathroom 6th graders only have one bathroom on there floor so they have to use other bathrooms like the 7th graders the 8th graders has 1 bathroom with 4 stalls and how much students use that bathroom because they are on