Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs

Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs

Ella Barnes, Author

One Fun fact about guinea pigs is that they have an odd number of toes. They have three toes on their back feet and four toes on their front feet. This means that they only have 14 toes in total. This might seem weird but it has a purpose, it helps them tunnel and burrow if they were in the wild. 

Another fact is that their teeth never stop growing. So you need to keep their teeth from becoming overgrown. This is why guinea pigs need to have many chew toys in their cage, the toys will help them to grind down their teeth.

Another fact about guinea pigs is that on average they only sleep for four hours a day. This likely happened because they are prey animals and sleeping less helps them stay on more alert and gives predators less time to easily catch them. 

Another fact is that guinea pig babies are born with fur, teeth, and can see and hear. Also they can take care of themselves quickly after birth and they can run around. This helps them in the wild because they are aware of their surroundings and they can see and hear when danger is coming. 

Another fact is that they produce a milky white substance from their eyes that they use to clean themselves. This liquid helps keep the eyes moist and makes face cleaning easier.

Guinea pigs also make great pets!