Top Five Smartphones to Buy

Top Five Smartphones to Buy

Jack Myers, Author

Many Christmas gifts aren’t perfect for middle schoolers as the holiday season approaches. One thing that many do enjoy is cell phones. With so many different phones, it may be hard to decide which one is right for you. This list is to help you choose and maybe find a new favorite brand.

  1. The OPPO Find X5 Pro

OPPO is a company you may have never heard of, but if you can get past the unfamiliarity, this may be the phone for you. This phone costs about 1000 US dollars and is slim,  measuring 73.9 mm wide by 167 mm deep by 8.5 mm thick. It runs android 13 on a Snapdragon 8 gen chipset, which is the best on the market. It has about 512 gigabytes of storage and 12 gigabytes of ram. Some odd but practical benefits are that it has an OLED display, the back of the phone is designed for water to roll off the back quickly, and it has 4K video.

  1. The Samsung S22 Ultra

The S22 Ultra is Samsungs latest phone improving on everything from their last phone. Costing about 1,000 dollars, it has a 7-inch OLED display. It boasts yet another Snapdragon chipset. You can get one terabyte of storage and 12 gigabytes of ram at a slightly higher price. If you don’t know, one terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes which are insane. It is also neat that it comes with an S-pen that can write on this fantastic phone.

  1. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Do you wish you had a more prominent display? Well, then, this is the phone for you. When unfolded, you have a display almost as big as an E-reader. It can fold into the size of a regular phone in your pocket. For about 1,300 dollars, you get 256 gigabytes of storage with 12 gigabytes of ram. This phone also boasts snapdragon gen eight chipsets. Like the S22, this also comes with an s-pen. This is a unique option.   

  1. The google pixel 7 pro

This phone which was just released ten days ago, Is amazing. It has the first chipset not to be made by snapdragon, the google tensor G2. Boasting one of the best cameras on the list, it has a triple camera with 5x optical zoom and other nifty features like night sight. It has 256 gigabytes of storage and 12 gigabytes of ram. For 1,000 dollars, that’s a good deal.

  1. The Iphone 14 pro max

This phone is groundbreaking. It runs ios16, which is cutting-edge technology. Boasting the same camera as the google pixel 7 pro, this phone can do everything. For 1,400 dollars, you can get 512 gigabytes of storage and 12 gigabytes of ram. It has excellent safety features, including a satellite sos, so you can get help anywhere. This phone is worth the price.

None of these phones are perfect but they’re best on the market and make some great gifts.