Tackle Football in Schools

Tackle Football in Schools

Sophie Lyons, Writer

Football is perhaps the most popular sport in America with over 18.5 million viewers nationwide in 2021. But the popularity of this sport comes from the athletes who have worked their whole life to get where they are. This brings up the question, where will we get great football players if kids can’t practice during school? If we want to continue seeing better and better professionals, schools need to start implementing tackle football as an optional sport.

In my middle school, the only football we have is flag football. We also have after school sports such as soccer, softball and baseball. However, we do not have tackle football. Many students aspire to be professional football players or at least play in college but they do not have the opportunity during school. Outside football teams do exist but not every family has the money to pay for these teams and if they do, a lot of parents are super busy and don’t have the time to take them.

When kids cannot play a somewhat dangerous sport like this under supervision of a coach or adult, they increase the probability of getting hurt. I believe that if they are left to play with friends, they can get rowdy. Because they are not on a team with proper gear and a coach, their simple fun can result in dangerous injuries.

However, if schools were to implement tackle football as an after school activity, an adult would be present to keep track of the kids and I’m sure many families would help pay for equipment. Additionally, scholarships could be given to families who need help to pay for the activity.

Of course, many contracts and safety regulations would have to be made to keep all students safe. It should be mandatory for parents to sign a contract, stating that they are aware of the possible injuries students will get. This isn’t very different from all other school sports so it shouldn’t be a big deal. I know I would go after school to watch games whenever I get the time and I’m sure many other students would too.

Football can be an escape from school work for many kids. If they are struggling under the pressure of school or family, football can be their hobby that takes them someplace different. Sports in general release endorphins which makes you happier. Once kids start playing more and more of it, they can become legends. Maybe middle school football will be responsible for the next Tom Brady!