More Wheels or Doors Across the World

More Wheels or Doors Across the World

Brady Cooper, Writer

At the beginning of March 2022, Ryan Nixon created a Twitter poll asking if there are more wheels or doors in the world. Shortly after it blew up around social media starting a huge online debate. Many people argued that there are way more buildings with doors than cars, and while that is true there are other factors to think about.

Personally, I think there are more wheels, because of hot wheels. Each hot wheel has 4 wheels like a normal car. Since 1968 they have produced 6 billion hot wheels. That is 24 billion wheels alone. Also, they create 16 hot wheels per second. Which are 64 wheels per second. This easily outnumbers doors. Not only this but there are bikes, unicycles, cars, and junk yards full of old wheels. Also, tanks have almost 10 wheels on each side. That’s 20 per tank.

Some people believe there are more doors because of all the buildings across the world. There are houses, offices, and stores which all have a ton of doors inside each building. Also, there are doors on cars that can match the number of wheels. However, in offices, there are office chairs which each commonly have 6 wheels on each. This can match the number of doors as offices hid many office chairs.

 There are more wheels than doors across the world. After all the many wheels are added up it easily outnumbers the total amount of doors.