Nova vs Apollo

Nova vs Apollo

Valentina B, Writer

For a few years now McAuliffe International has had “houses” separating the school into two parts with different schedules and classes to make it easier for the school to track and monitor students. In my opinion, “houses” is a controversial topic. The “Nova’s” should be allowed to intertwine with “Apollo’s” other than in McAuliffe’s electives. This could give students even a broader experience when it comes to class and lunch because it gives them an opportunity to meet different people. It’s upsetting to know that some feel like they belong more with students that are “Nova” but don’t have the opportunity to be around friends because of this dividing decision. I’m not saying that houses are bad, in fact, I believe that it was a very smart choice on McAuliffe’s behalf, but I’m simply implying that the “Nova” students should be able to interact with “Apollo” more often.

On the other hand, some seem to disagree and enjoy the separation.

Although students may not be able to be with their friends from different houses, there’s always the other side to that. Some students enjoy having separate houses because they can have their own group of close friends without the other house interrupting them. There are also teachers, deans, and principals that feel like having “Apollo” and “Nova” in too many classes together can result in being unorganized and too much work which might be too much to risk for students’ social experience.

In conclusion as students, we can all make an effort to interact with students in the other houses this action may result in a better community and better friends. And even though our school had made houses to divide the school for better control, that doesn’t mean we can’t come together and create an even better environment.