The Rescue of 115 Animals


Lauren Taylor, Author

Officials rescued 115 animals throughout this week in Lassen County California by obtaining a search warrant and they evaluated the animals (the week starting October 9, 2022) after a dog bite was reported to the County’s Sheriff’s office. Michael Lofflin was sent to investigate the reported dog bite but instead, he found many decomposing animals, and the surviving ones starved.

Right away he filed for a search warrant and got one on October 10, 2022. He then served the warrant and he then evaluated the animals with the LCSO Animal Control Officer, LCSO deputies, as well as veterinarians and their staff from the Lassen Veterinary Office and Thompson Peak Veterinary Office. The evacuation took several days and a case for the district attorney’s office is going to be sent for the prosecution of Wick, Cledan-Corwin, Joint, and Dibrell who were people found living on the property.

Unfortunately, an alpaca and a horse had to be euthanized due to the rough condition of the animals. After evacuating the animals, the LCSO gave instructions on how to care for the remaining animals in the owner’s care.