Top 3 Strangest Cat Breeds

A Lyoki Cat walks through the forest

A Lyoki Cat walks through the forest

Laryn Herrera, Writer

We have all seen a black cat or a grey cat looking for love or food but you probably won’t see a half-naked cat or a cat with 3-inch legs sitting on a front porch on your morning walk or bike to school.

#1 The Werewolf Cat 

The Lykoi cat which is greek for “wolf-Cat” is a mutation of a domestic Shorthair that first appeared in 2010. A Lykoi cat is almost like a Sphynx but with thin wisps of hair covering almost the entire body. Lykoi cats are extremely intelligent and skillful hunters. Lykoi cats were first accepted in 2012 by the International Cat Association, 2 years after they were first bred. Although you would think that “Werewolf cats” are a crossbreed (“produce (an animal or plant) by mating or hybridizing two different species, breeds, or varieties.”) They look the way they do because of natural gene mutation. 

#2 The Munchkin Cat

In a nutshell, the Munchkin cat is the dachshund of cat breeds because its legs are extremely short, like 3 inches short. In 1983 when Sandra Hochenedel, a Louisiana music teacher found two pregnant cats chased under and car by a dog she took one of the cats home and named her Blackberry. Half the Blackberry’s kittens were born with shorter legs creating Munchkin cats. These cats can live up to 14 years and usually weigh 6-9 pounds.  

#3 The Teacup Cat 

Hence the name, the Teacup cat is so small it can fit in a teacup. Breeders took two of the smallest cats from each generation and bred them together so each generation the cats got smaller and smaller but some breeders think that these cats were born with the equivalent of primordial dwarfism in humans. Teacup cats can live up to 15 years years and can weigh as little as 5 or 6 pounds. Teacup cats are very expensive in the cat world costing 700-2,700 dollars. That’s more than double the cost of grey tabby cats which cost about 50 dollars. 

So if you are interested in having your parents purchase an exotic cat, you may not find a teacup cat or werewolf cat at Petsmart but you could try and find one from a breeder if so I wish you luck.