Victor Wembanyama: The Fight for First Pick

Victor Wembanyama: The Fight for First Pick

Grace Hall, Author

Victor Wembanyama is everything a team could ask for in a basketball player, so what teams will tank and which will get the pick? Wembanyama is an amazing athlete, standing at 7 feet 2 inches tall and being able to run, jump, and handle the ball with skill. He has played against the number 2 pick this year Chet Holmgren and makes Chet look like a stick standing next to him. 

Wembanyama would help so many teams gain success instantaneously and one GM was already quoted saying that this year there will be “A race to the bottom like we’ve never seen before.”  We have seen that he can not only dominate the pain and block shots but also shoot from outside and handle the ball with ease. 

Currently, Wembanyama is playing in a french professional league and dominating at only 18 years old. He is an absolutely amazing pick and is expected to cause teams like the Spurs, Rockets, Jazz, and Thunder. If the Thunder manages to land Wembanyama, they might have an amazingly powerful team as they will have Chet Holmgren back from injury and Wembanyama which would be a mighty young duo that would tower over the league.

Wembanyama isn’t the only talented one in this draft class though. He has great competition such as Amen and Ausar Thompson from Overtime Elite. They are top-tier prospects and the fact that Wembanyama is viewed above them shows his amazing abilities. Being 7’4 and able to shoot well from 3 and in the paint shows his diversity and ability to be able to adapt to whatever situation he would be put in.

It’s going to be very exciting to see what the future holds for this young amazing prospect. Which team he will go to and how his effects will be made in the NBA?