Top Three Horror Movies To Give You The Chills


Laryn Herrera, Writer

As Halloween rolls around people start to plan their costumes, put up decorations, and break out popcorn and scary movies. If you like Horror films this article is probably for you, whether you like zombies or axe murderers most can agree that some movies make you want to turn on your nightlight and sleep with a baseball bat next to your bed. 

#1 The Halloween Series

The Halloween series is a slasher movie about a man named Michael Myers. Michael Myers is famous for wearing a white mask, and a boiler suit, and murdering people with a knife. The first Halloween movie came out on October 25, 1978, and was written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. Halloween was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” There are 13 Halloween movies with the last one coming out this year. The Halloween series is available on fuboTV, AMC+ Amazon Channel, AMC+ Roku Premium Channel, DIRECTV, Shudder, Shudder Amazon Channel, IndieFlix, or for free with ads on Redbox.

#2 Friday the 13th Series 

The Friday the 13th series is a slasher movie just like the Halloween movies but Friday the 13th features a man named Jason Voorhees. Jason Voorhees is a chainsaw-wielding maniac famous for wearing a hockey mask with a red plaid shirt and grey jeans. Victor Miller’s two sons are named Ian and Josh which combined made the name Jason and his last name a girl with the last name Voorhees whom Miller knew when he was in High School. You can watch these movies on HBO Max. 

#3  The Scream Series

The Scream series is about a teenager and her friends targeted by a new killer after the murder of her mother. This killer known as “Ghostface” uses horror movies as part of his deadly game. The main antagonist of the scream series is William “Billy” Loomis. As a horror movie fanatic, he pressures Stu Macher who is his best friend into helping him commit a killing spree in Woodsboro. “Scream” was based on a Florida drifter who murdered five college students over the course of three August days in 1990. You can watch the Scream series on Amazon Prime Video. 

Halloween is approaching and if you are a fear seeker or like to test the limits of your courage be sure to give these slasher movies a try!