How The Earth is Overheating

How The Earth is Overheating

Mekkah Marcus


We might have to move to Mars.  All because of the simple fact that the earth is heating up due to Global warming. Global Warming is the long term heating of the earths surface. It is said the earth has been heating up ever since the pre-industrial period.

Global warming is caused by carbon pollution. Carbon pollution is the primary greenhouse that traps heat in the atmosphere, which causes climate change. Climate change is long-term shifts in weather patterns and temperatures.  Energy. Which is burning fossil fuels for things like heating, electricity, and transportation. That effects the climate because when it is burned, it releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and that causes global warming.


How does this affect our environment? Short answer is it increases heat, drought, and insect outbreaks. It will also rise temperatures, and that change will likely lead to less food, less reproduction, and less access to water. So that will make it less habitable for the animals, and will cause them to die off. Agriculture, which is a very significant source for humans, will most likely cost the crop planting dates to shift. In hand with, the floods and droughts, making it difficult for farming practices.


However, although the earth is heating up, there are many things you could do to lower the risks of those things happening. For example, ride your bike, skateboard, or get around yourself. Since gas contributes to global warming, something as easy as riding a bike could really help reduce the heating of the earth. And instead of using disposable products, you could use recyclable materials. Which will help reduce waste and that will help reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. You could plant a tree by your house, or anywhere at all. Trees help shade your home, therefore you would use less air conditioning. Trees also clean our air and make our neighborhoods healthier. And with that being said there are many little things you could do to help the environment.