Land of Stories

Land of Stories

Harlowe Lutz, Author

If you love books I would suggest the Land of Stories series. This is a fantastic series with fantasy friendships and more. Judging this, you might think it is a kid’s book, but it has hundreds of pages and a 5-star rating.

There are six full books in the series and extraordinary characters from all your childhood stories like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and Jack in the Beanstock, Little Red Riding Hood, and more. As I said there are six books, The Wishing Spell, The Enchantress Returns, A Grimm Warning, Beyond the Kingdoms, An Author’s Odyssey, and Worlds Collide. These are the books in order.

The Land of Stories tells the tale of twins Alex and Conner. They fall into a story and come face to face with all of the fairy tale characters that they grew up reading about. They find out who they and their family really are and if their life will be normal again.

All books are amazing and I would not recommend one individually, but I would read them in order. To summarize I think that the Land of Stories is a great series, and hope you go and read it.