What happened After Russ?

What happened After Russ?

August Murphy, Author

Russell Wilson and Geno Smith are both quarterbacks one for the Denver Broncos and one for the Seattle Seahawks. Geno Smith was the backup quarterback under Russell Wilson until Wilson went to the Broncos, now Wilson is pretty bad and Smith has been playing very well.

The Seahawks are 3-3 and the Broncos are 2-4 so the Seahawks are doing much better than the Broncos and they have a better overall team.

Russell Wilson was the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He said that he would retire there but then he was offered two hundred million dollars to go play for the Colorado Broncos. After Wilson left someone had to step in for him as Quarterback and that person was Geno Smith. Before Wilson left Smith was the backup quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks for the last three years and before that, he was the quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers for one year, and before that he played for the New York Giants also for one year. The Seahawks have a record of 3-3 (Three wins and three losses.) The Seahawks have an average offense but they have a bad defense. Most of their games have been pretty high scoring with most of the games totaling in the forties and even one of them getting close to hundred points. The defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt has not been doing that good of a job for Seattle, in all but two games Seattle has lost by something the offense could not change. In the end, Russe Wilson could not affect how the Seahawks play.

Overall the Broncos aren’t going to go far this season and the Seahawks could go far if they try.