Final Scores For Week 4 of The NFL

Final Scores For Week 4 of The NFL

Rishab Kamat, Writer

Here are scores for the NFL Week 4, October 2nd-3rd. In the first game, the Minnesota Vikings defeated the New Orleans Saints, 28-25, in London. This was the first game in the international series for the NFL. These games are played outside the United States, mostly in places like the U.K, Germany, and Mexico. Anyways, let’s get back to the scores. In the highest scoring game, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions, 48-45.

Even though they are off to a 1-3 start, the Detroit Lions have had surprisingly good scoring and  defensive games, and have come within a touchdown in all of the 3 games they lost. This is mainly because in this year’s draft, they got defensive end Aidan Hutchinson with the 2nd overall pick.

Another team that has had a surprisingly amazing start is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, 29-21. This game showed that the Eagles are also a threat on the defensive side of the field because they forced 4 fumbles when rushing Jags quarterback Trevor Lawrence. These fumbles add to the ridiculous 5 turnovers by the Jaguars. “We’re going to play in games like this.” said Jags coach Doug Peterson in a post-game interview.

For our last game, the San Francisco 49ers crushed the Los Angeles Rams, 24-9. The highlight of the game was a play by 49ers safety Tanaloa Hufanga. In the 4th quarter with 6 minutes left to play, Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford threw a pass to the Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp, only to be intercepted by Hufanga and returned for a pick six.