Top 3 Most Haunted Places In Colorado


Amina Kebre, Writer

Some people might think that there is nothing interesting about Colorado, but there are so many things to blow your mind! Here are some of the most haunted places in Colorado to visit if you dare!


At over 100 years old, the Stanley Hotel is filled with strange things that are happening. Many visitors claim to hear children laughing throughout the grounds of the hotel, even when no one is there. Sometimes the ballroom will play an imitation of the piano when no one is there. The spirits that cover the hotel are constantly bartering it. You can wander the halls looking for ghosts if you think you are brave. There is also a tour for guests in a tunnel that people believe holds more secrets and mysteries.


People that have taken pictures at the graveyard at night know the effect it has on the living. Pictures will often have strange things that were not there before. People that have gone to the graveyard claim to see a little boy hiding behind a tree. They tried to communicate with him but he vanished into thin air. There is also a mysterious woman that wears all-black attire and only appears twice each year. She is possibly the long-dead wife of John Cameron; she would visit his grave and disappear.


Guests claim to have witnessed the spirit of a young girl. She is said to appear to be drawing on the walls of the casinos. Within the casinos, crew and visitors have seen drinking glasses fly from shelves and crash onto the floor. There’s also the tale of a ghost named Maggie who likes to play slots after the casinos’ doors have closed.

Scary things happen where you live in Colorado it is frightening knowing about these haunted places. There are many scary places around the world and these are just a few of them in Colorado.