Four Hundred Seventy-Seven Dead Whales in New Zealand


Ava Alkire, Author

Four hundred seventy-seven whales found dead on Oct 8, 2022 at Wellington Beach in New Zealand, because they come very close to shore and then get disoriented and then leads to getting stranded.

One of the scientists said that they rely on echolocation but they do not know that they are getting closer to shore and running out of water. He also said due to the amount of sharks in the area they could not get volunteers to go and try to help save the whales.

Wellington Beach is not the only place that this has happened to, it has also been going on in Tupuangi Beach and Australia. All of the whales on all three islands were pilot whales. All of the whales together have almost equaled up to 800 whales.

The island is home to 600 people and is 500 miles away from New Zealand’s main islands. Because of the location, the whales will not be carried away to be buried. They will just be left to decomposed.