Rosa Parks


Enzo Martinez, Author

Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee Alabama on February 4th, 1913. She had moved in with her parents and her brother Sylvester that was born in 1915, James and Leona McCarley were her parents but shortly after her brother was born they separated. Rosa’s mother was a teacher because the family valued education, Rosa then moved to Montgomery Alabama when she turned 11 until she then eventually attended high school there.

Because she needed to care for her grandmother that was dying of an illness in 1932 at the age of 19 she married Raymond parks worked at a barber shop and was a member of the NAACP. Raymond soon became a respected member of Montgomery’s large African American community co-existing with hundreds of white by the law of Jim Crow.


As Rosa lived in Montgomery for a while she noticed that rules laws and cleanliness were all very different if and colored people would always have the things that aren’t as good and people of color couldn’t do anything about it.

Until One day rosa was taking a bus ride to the Montgomery colored church she had paid for her tickets and sat in the colored section with her friend when they were taking stops on the bus by other white people. They noticed that the colored section was full and so was the white section more whites were boarding so the bus driver asked her to step off and she said I paid my ticket and will not give up the seat they called the sheriff and they arrested her.

Rosa’s words had indeed been heard widely because when she refused to give in, it inspired other people of color to rise up and lead the civil rights movement. This also made the NAACP choose Dr. Martin Luther King Junior to make his speech that also encouraged other white people to stand up against inequality.

Shortly MLK was after assassinated for helping make equality rise the police caught the criminal and all rights were the same for people of all colors. even though people still fight for the right to have equality for people to be treated fairly Rosa parks was one of the many heroes who inspired people of color to rise up and fight for justice.