Hurricane Ian attacked South Carolina

Luca Robinson, Author

Hurricane Ian attacked South Carolina on 9/30/22. 

The count of dead people exceeded 100 as of 10/9/22

Lots of people have been driving in these dangerous conditions. Emergency personnel has to go out to rescue these people that are getting stuck due to this destructive hurricane. There is one hotel and one business that have both lost their roofs. Some traffic lights are down and out. Hurricane Ian is still concerned as an enormous threat.

If this hurricane were to attack more States, the water could be five feet high. It will take months or years to rebuild what Hurricane Ian has done to this State. 

Hurricane Ian has caused hundreds of homes to be underwater and they are expected to be underwater until thanksgiving the lazy river St. Johns is higher than it has ever been for 60 years. Hurricane Ian dumped as much as 20 inches of rain in this central part of Florida – a tremendous amount of rain that is becoming more common as the planet warms. The hurricane had 10% more water than it would have normally without global warming. The river goes 300 miles long and it’s going to rain again and it will take a while before the river ever goes back to its normal level