The Mariners are Going to Win the World Series

The Mariners are Going to Win the World Series

Henry Wahlers, Author

The Seattle Mariners are going to win the world series in 2022 due to their resilient and pure talent on the roster combined with what they have shown us so far in the 2022 M.L.B playoffs by sweeping the blue jays. 

The mariners have proved the world wrong in 2022. They were predicted to finish second to last in the AL West but finished second in the division to the Astros. So how did they do this and why will they go all the way? Well first of all it is the group’s talent. Going into 2022, the Mariners had the 11th worst roster in M.L.B, but in the middle of the season they made moves to set them up for success going forward. Some moves they made are bringing Julio Rodriguez up to the M.L.B on April 8, 2022 and for the rest of the year he was spectacular with an AVG of .289 in 511 at bats which led all M.L.B rookies. Another player they traded for is Luis Castillo from the Reds and since he was treated he has been spectacular with an ERA of 2.99 and 133 strikeouts this year. Some other players they traded for in 2022 are Jake Lamb, Curt Casalio, Mathew Boyd. With all of these trades combined they are one of the best rosters in the M.L.B with a real shot of winning the World Series. 

The Mariners were determined to make the playoffs after 21 years, the longest playoff drought in U.S sports history! So the players had enough and started playing better than ever. They started the season with a 37-41 which is not as good as they hoped but everything just clicked with a 14 game win streak in which when it ended they had a record of 51-41 record after the winning streak which was second in the division to the Astros. The Mariners ended the season with a 90-72 record which sent them to the wild card against the Blue Jays who were projected to sweep them in a three game series. But the tides shifted and somehow the Mariners ended up sweeping the Jay’s instead which was huge to keep them moving in the playoffs. They are now playing the Astros, the team that ended their 14 game win streak. But they can beat them from their crazy resilience that was shown off earlier in the year with a 14 game winning streak achieved, they can overcome anything. 

All in all the Mariners have a true shot of winning the World Series, they have skills and abilities that are unmatched compared to any other team this year.