The Power Of The Cat’s Purr


Talia Steffen, Journalist

The cat’s purr is the most underrated super power because in the cat’s purr is the power to reduce stress, heal bones and reduce pain along with healing tendons and muscles. The power of the cat’s purr is very underrated but the cat’s purr has been shown to heal bones and relieve stress and all over veterinarian’s are saying “If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal.”

The cat’s purr is also somehow a reason for their survival like during birth or when they are scared or hurt they will purr to feel better. Cats can also sense when you are hurt, stressed, or not feeling well, most likely they come and lay where you are hurting to help heal it with their purr but it is not only the sound that helps it is the vibration.

When cats change the frequency of their purr they can use the vibrations for different types of healing like they use a certain frequency for healing bones and a certain frequency for pain. Along with the power of purring helping humans, the cat’s purr has kept cats from getting many things like bone or joint-related diseases, including hip dysplasia, arthritis and ligament problems. “Even bone cancers, such as myeloma or osteosarcoma, are almost unheard of in cats.”

Certain websites like “Purrli” have recreated the purr sound to listen to not to heal anything physical  but to help with stress in you and cats. Cats purring vibrations can also “induce bone growth and regeneration, so that bone fractures heal faster and weakened bones begin to strengthen and rebuild.”