England Beats the United States Soccer Team


Cate Farnsworth, Author

The English Women’s Soccer Team beat the United States with a two-to-one win, on October 7, 2022. The teams were competing in a friendlies game in London’s Wembley Stadium when the shocking defeat took place. The US Women’s National Team is ranked as the best women’s soccer team in the world. And because England is only ranked as number four, most people expected America to crush Britain in the match. Obviously, that’s not what happened.

The game started off with an early goal by England in the tenth minute. English player Beth Mead crossed the ball dangerously near the US’s goal, allowing Lauren Hemp to shoot and score. But the US persisted and eighteen minutes later, Sophia Smith shot at the English goalkeeper and made the tally one to one. Yet once again, England scored. In the thirty-third minute of the game, American player Hailie Mace kicked Lucy Bronze in the head while trying to hit the ball. This foul earned England a penalty kick in which Georgia Stanway shot in the bottom right corner of the goal and made the score two to one.

This game had a disappointing result for the US team, and not only did they lose but they ended their thirteen-game winning streak. The loss was upsetting to many, but the game in Wembley is memorable for another reason too. The game was attended by 76,893 fans, making it the highest-attended friendly match in US Women’s National Team History.

Whether you were cheering for the US women or for the English team, you can agree that the match was a shocking event and a memorable game.