Favorite Halloween Candy


Kirin Davidson, Author

    In a recent poll in the Sun Devil Scoop asking what McAuliffe’s favorite type of candy is, chocolate won with 50 out of 104 votes which is about 48%. This includes candy such as Hershey, Reeses, Twix, and Milky Way Bars. One student who chose chocolate said, “Twix and Reeses are awesome but no one likes Milky Ways because there is too much caramel. Sweet candy was a close second for me. Also, Gummy candy is too tough and also I don’t like sour.”

    McAuliffe’s second favorite type of candy is gummy candy with 24 out of 104 votes, about 23%. Gummy includes candy such as Gummy Bears and Swedish Fish. A student named Will chose gummy candy saying, “It’s just better.” 

    McAuliffe’s third favorite type of candy is sweet candy with 16 out of 104 votes, about 15%. Sweet includes candy such as Skittles, Candy Corn, Nerds, Fun Dip, and Starburst. Another student who chose sweet said, “Sweet is obviously the best because it has the greatest taste and I could eat it all day.”

    McAuliffe’s least favorite type of candy is sour candy with 14 out of 104 votes, about 13%. Sour includes candy such as Toxic Waste, Sourpatch Kids, and Warheads. Finally, one student who chose sour said, “I like that it is different from other candies and sometimes you get sour candy that turns sweet after a while.”