Murray Kline, Author

The ostrich is a very strange and interesting animal to learn about, and I will tell you why.

Ostriches are the biggest birds in the world reaching up to about 9 feet tall. what is even scarier is that they don’t ever bond with humans and are especially grumpy when protecting their eggs, imagine a 9 foot bird running at you because you saw a hole with eggs in it. The dominant male defends the territory. His warning call is loud and deep. From far away, it can be mistaken for a lion’s roar. Ostriches also hiss to show their disapproval.

The female ostrich lays about 7 to 10 eggs, not all of which are fertilized. To see if an egg is fertilized, they look at it under a lamp and can see through the egg to see the ostrich inside. The average ostrich egg price is about 30 dollars, even more than a dozen chicken eggs.

Ostriches cannot fly, but can run up to 43 miles per hour and keep a steady stride of 31 miles per hour, the average car speed! Baby ostriches are a cute and somehow legal pet that grows about a foot per month reaching max height after six months. Do you want an ostrich at your house?