There’s No Way You Haven’t Been Haunted


Vyaan Chopra, Author

In 2006, there was a new addition to the Denver International Airport;  a giant blue horse with red eyes, carved by Luis Jiménez. See, it’s a nice statue, but the red eyes brought questions to the sculptor. But there is a catch. The sculptor was pronounced dead on June 13, 2006. He died because of his sculpture.


 As he was finishing, the horse’s head fell on him and he later died in the hospital. His family eventually figured out what happened, and after the funeral and stuff, the family went back to the studio. Instead of destroying the thing that killed their beloved, they repaired it. “He was so persistent, we couldn’t leave his precious thing behind even if it killed him.” Said a very emotional Luis’s mom. “It’s not what he would’ve wanted.” And so, the family repaired the horse and gave it to the Denver National Airport as planned. But there was a twist. The eyes. The eyes were red and looked like fire.


 Denver Airport staff were furious that they paid for this, but the manager said he liked it. “It has a lot of sentimental value and the least we can do to honor him is to leave this standing.” That was nice and all, but there was a rule against them not putting the statue on display for at least 5 years. Therefore, the horse was displayed near the entrance and quickly earned the nickname ‘Bulicifer’. This is ironic because the name Lucifer is the Lord’s son. Also known as the Devil or the controller of Hell. So to sum it all up, you have been haunted. Did you know that?