The Big Problem No One Thinks About


Vyaan , Author


Global warming is surging through the world due to daily human activities such as various tests on the Earth, functioning oil plants, and pollution.

 But sure, there is a big war. Sure, there’s a deadly virus spreading around the world. Sure, some of the richest countries ever are in shambles. But when has anyone ever said, “The world will end and we can’t do anything about it?” That, ladies and gentlemen, is the very definition of Global Warming. And it’s true, we can’t do anything about it. So why isn’t anyone worried about this? Is it because they won’t be alive? Humans, though very smart, are selfish creatures. But before we explain how and why it’s the biggest problem humanity has ever faced, we have to explain the facts. As you probably know, the Earth’s temperature is rising. You also know that the oceans are getting warmer, ice sheets are shrinking and Glaciers are retreating. But what if you heard that the snow rates are decreasing, the sea level is rising and natural disaster rates have almost tripled throughout just 3 years? Now there is at least a .0018% chance of a natural disaster no matter where you live. While that doesn’t seem very high, think about it like this; if you live in the same place for 1,000,000 days, there will probably be a natural disaster even if it doesn’t affect you, or even if it is too small to be felt. This is just some background information on the biggest problem Earth has ever and ever will face. And don’t try to dissuade me. That, I know for a fact is true. Now that you know about the danger, what will you do to stop it? The Earth is literally in your hands. Will you save the future, or save yourself?