Winter Trips

Winter Trips

Nora Villines, Writer

Winter’s coming up and I’m ready for the holidays. Are you spending your winter break at home? Here are some fun winter vacations to go on. Believe it or not winter is the prettiest time to travel, seeing all the snow and fog, and mist.

Do you like skiing or snowboarding? If so, this year head to Breckinridge, up in the Colorado mountains, you can see people racing down the big mountains. Not a fan? Stay in a condo, or your house and cuddle up in a blanket with hot chocolate, while reading a book, or watching a movie with your friends.

New York: Ever been to a city that (literally) never sleeps? On New Year’s Eve, the city stays up all night and celebrates the new year! Every year around Christmas time, they have a huge tree in Central Park. Speaking of Central Park, it’s a great place to take a stroll on a brisk fall day.

Washington DC is warmer than other places in the USA, and there is much to go see. If you want to, you could go tour the white house! There are great museums such as the spy museum, and the art museum.

Switzerland: While some people prefer to go to warmer weather in the chilly winters, others prefer to embrace the cold and ski or snowboard. Wanting to warm up? Head down and eat warm food in restaurants while the snow storms rage.

Already tired of the cold? This year you can travel to Hawaii and experience their idea of cold weather. (Lower 80’s and at night upper 60’s) If you’re a sea food fan, Hawaii is on an island. Fresh seafood all around. (Yummm)

I hope this helps create some good vacation ideas!