3 Worst Sport Injuries Stories

3 Worst Sport Injuries Stories

Zethan Anderson, Reporter


Most people love to watch sports. They get to see the excitement of a goal or a tuch down, a win or loss. But when your favorite player gets hurt, that is sure to bring a gasp among the friends or family you have gathered with to watch the game. The first official football game was in 1876, that is over 145 years ago. Did you know that a study in 2015 discovered that 26% of parents with high school athletes hoped they would become a pro athlete? If you are a pro athlete there is a 67% chance of you getting injured in your currier. These are some of the worst sports injuries:


NO.1-Anquan Boldin Facial Fracture

Anquan Boldin absorbed much more than a simple facial fracture after facing the New York Jets at the Jets stadium. This was said to be maybe the most violent hit of the NFL season of 2008. At the time of the injury anquan was 27. He retired in october 2019 11 years after the injury. Anquan boldin retires because he wants to focus on Social Injustice


NO.2-Kobe Bryant Achilles Tendon Tear

Kobe Bryant suffered a third degree tear in his Achilles Tendon during a game against the Golden State Warriors in the 2013 season. This injury is so serious because other NBA players that suffered from this injury never played another game, including NBA greats Isiah Thomas and Shaquille O’Neal. These players retired early due to a torn achilles tendon. Kobe was lucky that he was able to keep playing after a little rehab.


NO.3-Michael Jordan Fractures His Left Leg

Michael Jordan fractured his left leg on Oct. 29 the third game of the 1985-1986 season against the Golden State Warriors. Jordan flew to the basket but landed awkwardly breaking his left leg in the process. From there on Jordan went on to miss 6 weeks from the game. This event was so bad it almost ended his career.