Interesting facts about Panda´s

Interesting facts about Panda´s

Mae Wall, Author

Did you know that Panda’s eyes are different from normal Bears? Their eyes are different from normal bears because regular bears have pupils but Panda bears have slits instead. 

Have you ever wondered why Panda bears have black around their eyes? Well, Panda bears have black shoulders and legs to camouflage in shady environments, but they have black ears to signal aggression to predators and dark patches around their eyes to help them recognize other Panda´s. One thing unique about Panda bears is that they have a special bone on their wrists. The pandas sixth toe is used for grasping bamboo. Although they aren’t fully opposable, this bone functions similarly to human thumbs- mainly used by pandas to grip their favorite bamboo.Panda bears can also be playful as well just like any other types of bears, giant bears are curious. And playful, especially when they’re young. In zoos, they like to play with enrichment items like piles of ice or sawdust, puzzles made of bamboo with food inside, and different scents like spices. 


The reason why giant pandas choose bamboo as their staple food is that bamboos, widely distributed in the wild, are easy for them to obtain, and they contain more starch than other woody plants.

And how do Panda bears sleep? As the bamboo has a low nutritional value, the Giant Panda has to spend a lot of time eating, and that is why their sleeping time cannot be too long. They sleep only for 2-3 at a time every day. And they spend 3-4 hours eating every day.