The Hurricane


Cal Redman, Writer

On September 28, 2022, a hurricane hit Florida killing at least 85 people. People in Florida have been stranded and saved by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has saved over 1,600 people. More than half of Florida left without power. This Hurricane Hurricane Ian is the most expensive hurricane in Florida hurricane history. People have seen houses floating down streets. There are some boats that have washed past the beach.

A survivor named Amy Lynn was at her friend’s house when it hit her and seven dogs. She said walls were blown off. Amy said on Facebook, “I prayed for six solid hours and came to peace that it may be my time to go. It wasn’t. God is good. We made it out alive.” They got lucky and got all the dogs out.

There were some older people that survived, but some had to sit there a while because their legs were hurt and the Coast Guard had to save them.